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"The only reason we ever fail is because we shut down, run away and become destructive in the face of our challenges." -Haleh
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"Discover How To Face Your Internal And External Challenges 
Constructively To Achieve The Things You Love And Want The Most..."
Haleh (and Stella)
Master Artist, Healer And Coach (and Rabbit)
Dear Friend,
Welcome! It is my life's work to  EQUIP people 
with the Power to achieve their dreams, 
because to whom much is given, much is expected.

Take this journey with me and most importantly, 
with YOURSELF, and things will start coming together
 like you wouldn't believe.

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remember the best is yet to come!

There will be challenges along the path of 
what you love and want the most, 
and whether you have the Core Power to make 
the greater choices daily is what will 
get you there or not.
Quick Reactions To Webinar & Haleh

"...There is no doubt that Haleh is the real deal. She is honest, ethical, and really does know how to help you get to your success..." -Jila

"...You don't know what you don't know until Haleh open's your eyes to what's really going on beneath the surface of your situation...keep to what she is teaching you and you can only move forward!"-Eileen

"...I know there are loads of folks who offer “quick solutions” but Haleh is the real deal. If you are truly ready for Success, she promises to make you unstoppable, and she overdelivers every time..."-Mikey

"...Haleh is without a doubt the best person to go to if you are stuck in life, stuck in bad relationship, or stuck in anything..." -Biata

"...she delivers a solid training experience, at first sight you get so much out of it it's crazy..."- Maurisa

"...the webinar was eye-opening, I couldn't believe the ways I was running from my challenges that I did not know about. Definitely worth watching!" -Jon

When we don't have the Core Power to face our 
internal & external challenges constructively, 
use food as an escape to run away and numb out from a pain or fear we do not want to face.
use alcohol as an escape to run away and numb out from a pain or fear we do not want to face.
project our bottled-up feelings to our partner.
spend mindless hours on phone, tv.
look for validation from external places.
"The ONLY difference between 

those who struggle & flounder in life,

& those who triumph & soar in life,

is if you have the Core Power to 

constructively face your challenges

along the path of what it is you want to

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